About Us

We empower diverse voices of change-makers seeking progressive political action through strategic campaigns. We support candidates who embody democratic values and enable patriotic dissent by providing FREE ART THAT CAN BE USED TO BUILD A WALL OF BOTH POSITIVE INFLUENCE AND VISUAL RESISTANCE across America, so that no one can deny our message, our actions, our values and our righteous policy alternatives.
Our mission is to unite for progressive candidates and campaigns and use the power of visual communications to expose and fight the current administration’s evil lies and buffoonery, end Republican voter suppression and gerrymandering, and re-work America’s electoral system to be more honest, equitable, transparent and participatory.
Our designs can be downloaded and used across all media, at no cost, for any non-commercial purposes, by any individual or organization opposing Trump and fighting to preserve democracy and defend social, environmental and economic justice in America. Feel free to use and share our designs without attribution or permission for any non-commercial applications. Do not use our artwork to produce goods or media that are resold for profit. As our name suggests, our service is meant to be a free resource for supporting the RESISTANCE and, ultimately, helping get our country back on track. If you are an artist, designer, photographer, illustrator or media professional willing to use your skills to benefit the RESISTANCE, we welcome your contribution to our archive. You are free to submit any RESISTANCE-inspired designs that you have produced for us to review. Art must be free of copyrights. We will post art submissions that meet our criteria, so your work can reach a wider audience and you can contribute to the reforms we need. We have an open call for new and timely work — so please share our website with your friends in the creative community. We are a self-funded grassroots volunteer effort. You can contribute creative content, artwork, your time, or donations to fund our operations. Or, you can donate directly to established non-profit organizations we have listed that are leading the fight against the Alt Right and need our help now.