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What Can EaseUS Data Recovery Services Do for You?

Start Your Data Recovery Now with a Free

  • Step 1 Contact EaseUS engineer via LiveChat or [email protected] clearly describe your questions
  • Step 2 Make an appointment for a remote connection to start the FREE diagnosis
  • Step 3 Accept the remote connection and get the quotation after our engineer finished the diagnosis

What Do You Need to Start the Data Recovery Process

  • One Service license is valid for one device (ONE single drive, RAID configuration, or virtual disk).
  • Your computer can install TeamViewer software for remote connection.
  • You must have access to your computer, and have a stable network connection.
  • Please make sure you have enough time for the session (It may need a long time for an intricate issue).


The manual Data Recovery Service is provided by our experts. We do our utmost to ensure the data is safe. There are times that the data loss is caused by hardware issues or abnormal conditions. We will try to retrieve a loss as much as we can instead of making compensation.