DIY Print Tips

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All the artwork on is available as free downloads. We have set up the files for easy DIY printing at high resolution. You can print at home, at a local printer, or through an online custom print resource. When you scroll over the download image, a pop up window will usually list the optimal print size of the graphic — which range from 4”x4” stickers, to 9” x 3” bumper stickers, up to 18” x 24” posters. Our images can also be shared on social media.

There are several ways you can print our images:

  1. HOME PRINTER FOR SMALLER SIGNS & STICKERS: Download the file and send it to your home printer. Typical desktop printers are set up in an 8.5” x11” format. Print the image and find a piece of cardboard, glue or tape sign to cardboard, and post it or bring it to a protest. Many home printers will also allow you to print stickers on adhesive sheets. You’ll need to purchase appropriate sized adhesive label sheets at an office supply store. (It may be cheaper and less hassle to print labels in bulk using an online printer.)

  2. HOME PRINTER FOR TILING LARGER SIGNS: Download the file and send it to your printer at home using the tile settings. This will allow you to print portions of the artwork that “tile” together to make one large sign. You may need to search online for instructions for your specific printer. Once you print out the tiles, trim the excess white space from the sheets, find a piece of cardboard, and tile together the pieces on the board. Find a stick, long poster tube, or garden stake if you want to post or carry the sign.

  3. LOCAL DIGITAL PRINTERS FOR ANY SIZE SIGN: Find a neighborhood printer such as FedEx Kinkos or a local mom and pop shop, and send them or bring them the file to print at the size you’d like. Most local printers can even mount your image on foam core, but it may be just as good and less expensive to take the printed piece and DIY mount it yourself to cardboard. Many printers can also print on other materials or sub-straights, such as more permanent outdoor vinyl banners, or even stickers or buttons. As long as you’re having our RESIST graphics printed, consider making some extra copies to give to friends.

  4. RESOURCES TO PRINT STICKERS, BUTTONS, APPAREL, BAGS & OUTREACH: If you’d like to apply our art to a wide range of outreach materials beyond signs, you can upload directly to an on-demand online printer like Zazzle, Custom Ink, Vista Print, or a local promotional product firm. They can use our artwork to make a sticker, button, banner, bag or T-shirt out of it. There are many other on-demand print resources. Minimum print quantities may apply, and you may need to order prints of some items in bulk, but this can be your contribution to the cause. It will enable you to distribute to your community to inspire others to oppose Trump and the Alt Right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print a sign at home?

Yes. We created this artwork for you to be able to print at home and easily make a protest sign. We typically provide the files in multiple print-friendly formats including .pdf, .eps and high resolution .jpg.

Can I print your graphics to sell on items?

The artwork we provide is free and we want you to be able to share it at no cost, but you may not use it for any commercial or resale purposes. Please check our Submission and Usage Criteria for more details.

Is the artwork here really free to use?

Yes. We encourage you to use our designs for any non-commercial, peaceful progressive activism related to Resistance of Trump and the Alt Right. Some of the artwork we have produced includes a small watermark of our web address, which you can delete if you wish. Although not required, we greatly appreciate every link back or mention of , to build buzz about our initiative and spread our work to the masses. Please share our artwork and our website with your friends and your community. Together, we can make a difference!

How can I print a large sign?

You can either do this at home by tiling the print under the print settings of the printer you have at home. Or you can look for a printer locally that can do it for you like FedEx Kinkos.

Once we print them, can we post these images anywhere?

Our mission is to build a wall of visual resistance against Trump, however please use common sense and respect your community. does not authorize illegal postings of stickers and printed materials. Be aware of your local laws and respect your neighbors.

How can I help the cause at ?

Thanks for asking! If you are willing to help us in any way, please hit our volunteer form and we’ll get back to you. If you are using our artwork, we’d love it if you could take DIY pictures of our graphics in action and upload to our Instagram or Facebook feeds. You can hashtag #FreeTheResistance. If you are an artist, designer, photographer, illustrator or media professional, we welcome the contribution of your awesome creative work to our free downloadable archive. Please submit any Resistance-inspired designs that you have produced for us to review.

How do we contact you?

We’d love to hear from you. We’re an all-volunteer organization, but we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please hit us up anytime at