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Missing File Headers? We Can Resolve the Header Missing Case

You can fix the header missing error by using the best manual options in this guide. Besides, you can run Stellar Toolkit for File Repair to fix corrupted Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files with header-related issues.


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What Is a File Header

A file header is a signature placed at the beginning of a file. Thus, the operating system and other software know what to do with the following contents. Many electronic discovery applications will use the file header as a means to verify the file types. File headers allow users to locate contents of deleted files, user activity logs, registry entries, and other relevant artifacts.

However, some users encounter the issue - the file has no header, on their Windows computers. Therefore, some useful solutions are available here to help solve this issue.

how to restore missing file header

Solution 1. Repair Corrupted Files with Professional File Repair Software

This is an efficient way to resolve file header missing problems. Usually, a file header disappearing error arises due to file corruption. Stellar Toolkit for File Repair can repair corrupted Office files and PDF documents with different errors.  

This file repair software fixes almost all types of corruption from any file, including .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, and pdf. Follow the steps to repair corrupt files and restore missing headers.

Step 1. Select the file type.

Download and install Stellar Toolkit for File Repair. From the software's main screen, select "Repair Document" to repair the MS Office document which you wish to repair.

Select the file type

Step 2. Scan the corrupted documents.

From the next screen, select the corrupted files to be repaired. You may choose the "Select File" or "Select Folder" option to find corrupt office files on your system. Once the corrupted files have been selected, click "Scan" to initiate the scan.

Scan the corrupted documents

Step 3. Repair and save documents.

When the scan finishes all recoverable information will be displayed in the software's left-hand panel. Click on any item to preview it before repair. To save repaired data, click "Save" from the file menu, enter a destination of choice, and hit "OK"

Repair and save word documents

Solution 2. Restore File Header Manually

If you want to resolve the file missing header problem without software, then perform the following steps:

For Word Documents

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Word file and open any document or you can also create a new one by clicking on the File menu > New option.

Step 2. Make sure your Word file is in editable mode. If your Word file is in non-editable mode, then there is a yellow toolbar available that is asking you to edit the document.

Step 3. You can move your mouse just above the top of the Word page.

Step 4. After that, you will see that your mouse pointer has been changed to 2 arrows pointing which are away from each other.

Step 5. Once your mouse has the double arrows then double click on the file and your missing headers will re-appear on the top of the Word document.

recover missing word file header

For Pictures

Step 1. Launch the Paint application from your PC.

Step 2. Scribble or draw anything in the black space.

Step 3. Next, go to "File > Save As > JPEG picture". In the Save As dialog box, provide the location to save the newly created JPEG file.

Step 4. Enter the filename and click on the Save button. Next, proceed to import the newly created JPEG file and the affected file in the Hex editor. The Hex editor will attempt to repair the affected file.

get back missing  photos' header


A missing header is a very common issue. In this post, we provide you with two solutions to resolve the file header missing problem. The header stops showing itself due to file corruption. So, the most efficient way to solve this error is using a robust file repair tool to fix damaged files. 

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