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EaseUS OEM Partner

OEM/Rebrand Program

Approach to Make Extensive Profits

As the leader of backup solution, storage management tool and data recovery software, EaseUS is honored to be the industry standard among current popular software. We continuously develop cooperation relationships and are dedicated to establish this relationship in a win-win beneficial way to expand our business.

Major technology corporations have incorporated EaseUS software into:

EaseUS Commercial Cooperation Program Mainly Includes Following 3 Ways:

1. Republished and rebranded:

Are you looking for new ways to generate revenue and new products to complement your existing business line? Software vendors can easily integrate an EaseUS product into their existing product portfolios. The enhanced program creates a higher value product, generating significant additional revenue opportunities and minimizing the threat from competitors.

2. Included in a system build:

Deliver the system and data protection your customers are demanding and enhance your bottom line at the same time! Our partner programs make it easy for system builders to provide powerful solutions to the customers you work with, and gain access to an even broader customer base. Powered with our software and service, you will reduce support and RMA costs, lower your manufacturing costs, increase the value of your solutions.

3. Bundled with software or hardware:

Are you looking for a way to make your products stand out from the pack? To squeeze new revenue from products with ever-shrinking margins? Or add value to your next product release? EaseUS partner could purchase EaseUS existing products at a cooperation discount price or request to develop a customized edition to bundle with its hardware products so that end-users will benefit from paying extra money on software and save time on choosing capable software to go with your products.


For any request or any question concerning cooperation, please contact us by: [email protected]