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EaseUS Todo PCTransProfessional 

Migrate Everything to New Windows 11

  • Transfer your personal data and settings to a new computer.
  • Simple Wizard interface and process to reduce your cost and time of PC reinstallation.
  • Windows 11/10/8/7.
  • Data Rescue-Recover data from broken or dead computer.

One Place for All Your Data Migration Needs

When you get ready with your Windows 10 PC, you may need to transfer your files from an old PC. EaseUS Todo PCTrans provides one of the fastest methods of transferring content.

Seamless Data Migration for Windows PCs

One-click PC transfer software that helps automatically migrate your files from one computer to another without data loss. Using this transfer tool, you can easily remove your panic of loading your photos, music and videos one by one.

Move Programs to Your New PC

This PC transfer migration software can safely transfer programs from one computer to another. Also, it is an excellent way to transfer large files, especially those application files or server files that take up much disk space. It supports the most common applications/programs, including MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

Migrate User Accounts and Settings

When you start using a new computer, you may find that things don't work the way you like. You may encounter a problem with how to transfer and move a user account, personalization and even the power settings to a new PC or laptop. This tool can quickly transfer your custom setting to the new system as quickly and as automatically as possible.

Effective Yet Simple Solution for Transferring Content

With EaseUS Todo PCTrans, you can perform your data migration more instant and more convenient.

Completely automatic and intuitive to use
Install EaseUS Todo PCTrans on two computers and they’ll be connected quickly. It enables you to fully manage data in a quick way.
Migrate Your Custom Files and Favorites
you can meet your exact needs with options ranging from file selection to account settings.
Free Technical Support
EaseUS provides free access to a professional technician who will remotely guide you product operation via Email and phone call.

Flexible Transfer Modes Available

Choose a suitable transfer way and move to a new PC quickly

Transfer via PC to PC

Install and open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both your PCs . Select "PC to PC" to transfer files, applications, and user account from one to another directly.

Transfer Locally

Migrate local applications to another disk to save disk space.

Transfer via Image Files

Create images of your files, programs & account, and automatically export them from the source PC to the target PC.

Data Rescue-Recover Your Data and Accounts from Dead Computer

Occasionally, you found that your computer is booting too slowly. What’s worse, it turned off abnormally! You have a huge amount of valuable data on your Windows hard drive but you failed to start it. Is there any quick and effective way to recover your data?

Recover data from a dead or non-bootable PC

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro can completely restore files and programs from an unbootable dead computer in the way of transferring your data from your old hard drive to the new computer.

Quickly Migrate programs and settings to a New PC

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro provides the easiest way to transfer all your data, files, programs and settings to the new PC. It will greatly save your time and reduce the respective costs of reinstalling programs and purchase new accounts.

Simple and Convenient

No require a lot of technical knowledge. Users can safely and successfully recover data from dead computers with simple clicks according to our detailed guidance.

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Buy Now Free Trial
  • Transfer unlimited data/programs
  • Transfer user's accounts
  • One license for 2 PCs
  • Transfer programs from one PC to another
  • Transfer programs between local disks
  • Scan and export programs keys
  • Data Rescue-Recover data from dead computer
  • Free technical support



Buy Now Free Trial
  • Transfer unlimited data/programs
  • Transfer user's and domain accounts
  • One license for multiple PCs
  • Transfer programs from one PC to another
  • Transfer programs between local disks
  • Scan and export programs keys
  • Free technical support
  • Provide service to multiple clients in one company
  • Data Rescue-Recover data from dead computer
What's New? Tech Specification
system requirements to use Todo Backup Free
Adobe software
Apple applications
Google Chrome
Microsoft Office
Microsoft OneDrive
Office 365
Windows Live
Windows System
Windows 11/10/8/7
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2003
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How to Use EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Offer you a straightforward guide on how to transfer data, applications, and account via a network connection

STEP 1: Choose to transfer by network connection
Run Todo PCTrans on both your old & new PCs, and then select "PC to PC" transfer mode.
STEP 2: Choose a PC to connect with
The product will list the computers with EaseUS Todo PCTrans running. Select the computer you want to connect.
STEP 3: Select what to transfer
Edit the content you want to transfer, then click Transfer to start.
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Low cost enterprise class data migration solution

Provide enterprises with professional and intelligent solutions for efficiently migrating large files, data, programs and settings to new PCs.

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Editors Reviews

        

    EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is a useful and and reliable software solution created to serve in computer migration operations, be it from one machine to another or from an earlier version of your OS to a newer one. Read More

    - By Softpedia staff

  •     

    EaseUS Todo PCTrans is by the folks at EaseUS who make incredible tools that let you manage your backups and recover your dead hard disks. While it is not an official tool, EaseUS has a reputation for being very good with their software and code. Read More

    - By Windowsreport staff

        

    It offers the ability to move your entire user account from your old computer, meaning everything is quickly migrated. You still get to keep your Windows installation (and the relevant drivers for your new PC), but you also get all your apps, settings, preferences, images, documents and other important data. Read More

    - By Betanews staff


User Reviews

    

Thanks for the nice utility . It replaces the Windows Easy Transfer to migrate data from my old Windows XP to Windows 8.1.

-by Francis

    

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free is an efficient and user-friendly utility that can successfully assist me in migrating data from an older computer to a newer one, saving me a lot of time and effort in the process.

-by Ray

    

My family use couple software of EaseUS, we are satisfied with their products. Like others, PCTrans works very well on my XP and Windows 7.

-by Christian

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro

Smart files/data/applications and accounts migration tool for users. Simple interface and auto-transfer.

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Windows 11/10/8/7/Server.