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*You can submit your artwork anonymously. However, your email is useful to us in case we need to contact you about the artwork you have submitted. We will not share your personal information. Thank you!

Submission and Usage Criteria:

We welcome artists to submit and donate their work, that can be uploaded to support our shared mission. Please spread news about our website among progressive activist friends and the creative community. is a self-funded, not-for-profit volunteer effort that offers copyright-free visual communications that express RESISTANCE to the Trump Administration and the Alt Right Movement, for anyone to download and use at no cost.

By downloading a file or other content from, you agree that you will not use such file or content except for political activism, personal use, or other non-commercial purposes.

Criteria For Art Submissions:

  • FILE FORMAT ACCEPTED: To assure the best print quality at any scale, we require artwork in the most popular vector-based formats, including .eps, .ai and scalable .pdf files. We will accept your art in any one of these vector file formats. If you would like to submit a design in multiple file formats, please consider archiving them into a single .zip file for uploading. Please make sure all fonts are saved as outlines and all images are embedded. We will translate your vector art files to other formats like .jpeg, .gif or .png that can be shared easily on social media.
    Our vision is to distribute artwork that communicates undeniable and powerful RESISTANCE to Trump and the Alt Right. Please consider strong graphic work that has clear messaging. Be creative and feel free to speak to specific issues that you feel need to be addressed. Please, no vulgarities or messaging that incites or condones violence or hatred. Your design should be easy to print, and should translate well as a poster from a distance, or in smaller application on a button or sticker.
    We are looking for fresh, impactful, timely, topical and original artwork supporting the TRUMP RESISTANCE. Please do not submit art for sharing on our website that may be subject to copyright infringement. Contributors who upload artwork to acknowledge that they have ownership of that artwork and agree to waive all copyright to the images they offer. Our policy is to offer only copy-right free artwork, uploaded and contributed by the actual creators of that artwork, or copy-right holders, or individuals who are authorized to act on behalf of the . Artwork must be original and must not feature any visual elements that may be subject to copyright or ownership by others. Please do not offer us artwork that may be subject to copyright by individuals other than you. Do not contribute any materials that could violate any U.S. or international copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and that could result in legal problems, infringement, or criminal or civil penalties. If we are notified of any potential copyright infringement, we will act swiftly to investigate the claim and remove the material if necessary.

Rules For Using Artwork:

    Visitors to our website are free to edit, distribute and use the images for the purpose of promoting any grassroots, non-commercial RESISTANCE to the Donald J. Trump Administration and the Alt Right movement, without asking permission or providing payment. Our artwork can be shared on social media and web platforms — and used to print posters, banners, signage, stickers, buttons, T-shirts and other outreach materials. PLEASE DO NOT use our artwork to produce any goods or digital assets that are resold for profit. As our name suggests, our artwork is meant to be a totally free resource for supporting the RESISTANCE.

    Some of the artwork we have produced includes a small watermark of our web address. Although absolutely not required, we appreciate every link back or mention of, to build buzz about our volunteer effort and spread our work to the masses. We encourage you to use our designs for any non-commercial, peaceful progressive activism related to RESISTANCE of Trump and the Alt Right.